Outreach Events

Rock in the Block

This is a Festival held at end of the summer where we provide moon bouncers, face painting, free food and drinks, a concert, and Preaching. We use this opportunity to pray for and lead those who come out to Christ. It’s an amazing time and God has been faithful to provide some of the most Christ conscious servants we have ever met.

Harvest Party (October 31st)

We celebrate God’s Provision with our carnival themed party in our sanctuary. This kid-oriented event, in a safe and fun environment, has actually brought out more adults lately and we thank God in advance for the souls (small or big) who come to know Him through this time.

Coat Drive / Free Flea Market

The approach of the cold weather affords us the opportunity to give out coats and lightly worn clothing collected throughout the year. This is another great opportunity to meet and pray for souls. We are grateful for the sisters and brothers who have come to Christ through these times and for the faithfulness of the youth group who helps out every year.

New Year’s Eve

The night begins at 7pm with games and food. This is a fun time of fellowship, teaching and prayer for the whole family. This is always open to whoever would like to join and has given us opportunities to share Jesus as well.